Tips to Avoid Pimples After Waxing

Tips to Avoid Pimples After Waxing

Pimple appearance, redness, and irritation are common skin conditions after depilation. In most cases, we are talking about folliculitis, which means that the pore of the hair has been obstructed with hair removal. When this happens, the hair follicle gets inflamed and causes pimple formation on the waxed skin.

However, there are some tricks to avoid pimples after hair removal, and in today's post, we want to discover the most effective ones. It is important to take care of the skin before and after waxing. Only with proper skin care, you can avoid pimples, as well as, redness, welts, or pain.

Laser Hair Removal - Ideal for Avoiding Pimples

You should know that pimples on the skin appear, above all, by the use of depilatory techniques such as razor, but especially waxing. However, laser hair removal is one of the most innovative hair removal techniques that reduce the risk of blocking hair growth.

A diode laser hair removal is a revolutionary method that will help you say goodbye to body hair forever and with little or no pain. In addition, thanks to the cutting-edge technology of this device, the risk of folliculitis due to hair removal are minimal or nonexistent. 

Laser hair removal is the least aggressive method that exists today that will help you achieve long-lasting, effective results and smooth skin without a trace of hair. 

How to Avoid Hair Removal Pimples

If you want to learn how to avoid pimples after waxing, you should know that, in addition to changing your method, there are also some tricks you should take into account to get healthier skin and a flawless appearance. Here are the most effective tips to take care of your body before/after waxing and prevent pimple formation. 

  • Exfoliate Before Waxing

One of the best tricks to avoid pimples after waxing is to exfoliate the skin in the area you want to treat a few days before waxing. This will make the skin cleaner and make hair removal easier. Exfoliation also removes dead skin cells, therefore, the pores will be more open, and you will prevent the hair from growing inwards. 

  • Moisturize Your Skin After Waxing

It is essential that you always take care of your skin, but even more so when you wax. After a waxing session, you should moisturize the area with your usual moisturizer. You should also moisturize your body daily, at least after showering, so that your skin is perfectly nourished and free of cracks and dryness. If waxing hurts, you can opt for natural creams made from soothing ingredients such as aloe vera or rosehip oil.

  • Get Waxing Done by Professionals

Another tip to avoid pimples after waxing is to have professionals do it. Many times, hair removal at home produces injuries and skin problems because not everyone knows to properly remove body hair. Qualified and experienced professionals can help you remove body hair without pain and severe side effects such as skin cracking, pimples, irritations, and allergies. 

If You Use a Razor...

We have already mentioned that the hair removal methods that will most likely cause folliculitis are shaving and waxing. We want to highlight some tips you can apply if using a razor. Shaving is a popular depilation technique because it is non-invasive and causes little to no pain; however, it is very drying and can damage the skin. To reduce the aggression of the razor as much as possible, keep the following in mind:

  1. Always use a new blade. 
  2. Use blades specially designed for body hair removal (avoid the typical male shaving blades).
  3. Do not press the razor too hard because you could injure your skin.

If You Wax...

Finally, to avoid pimples after waxing, you also need to know some essential tips. Waxing is one more commonly used hair removal method because it offers a better result than the razor, but if not done correctly, it will most likely cause folliculitis and pimples. If you're waxing at home, keep in mind the following tips. 

  1. Keep in mind the direction of the hair and epilate to the opposite side.
  2. Control the temperature: in general, you should use a wax with a temperature lower than 104°F (40°C.)
  3. Clean and dry your skin before waxing to reduce injuries or wounds.

Final Word

These are the tips to avoid pimples after waxing that we wanted to share with you. However, best of all is to opt for permanent hair removal and do laser therapy if you want to forget about body hair once and for all, and have smooth skin.

Hydrate and moisturize your skin daily, especially after hot showers because hot water dries the skin. Shaving and waxing might be cheaper and more convenient hair removal methods than visiting a beauty center, but they can cost you more in the long run, especially if you cause severe skin irritation.

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