How to Remove White Stretch Marks from Your Body

How to Remove White Stretch Marks from Your Body

Time does not pass in vain, nor for our bodies. Certain processes leave marks on our skin, but we can attenuate them. If you are looking for how to remove white stretch marks, read on.

Stretch marks are those white, pink, or purple lines that appear on our bodies at certain times in our lives. They affect both men and women, although it is true that women are more likely to suffer from them. 

They usually appear in areas where more fat accumulates, such as the thighs and buttocks, hips, abdomen, and breasts. To find out how to remove white stretch marks, we must first know what they are and why they occur.

What are white stretch marks?

Stretch marks are marks produced by the breakage of the fibers that make up the skin. When sudden changes in volume force the skin to stretch abruptly, the elastin and collagen of the dermis break down, producing these linear lesions that we identify as stretch marks.

Immediately after being produced, the stretch mark that appears as a result of the rupture of the tissues presents a reddish or purplish color. Once this skin wound heals, it begins to acquire a whitish tone, giving rise to white stretch marks.

Therefore, we can say that stretch marks are the consequence of changes in our body that force the skin to stretch abruptly or disproportionately. Their effects are eminently aesthetic, hence the interest in knowing how to remove white stretch marks. However, they can also cause itching associated with the healing process.

When do stretch marks appear?

  • Pregnancy. Stretch marks on the abdomen and breasts during pregnancy are among the most common among women. 
  • Sudden weight changes. When we gain weight suddenly, the skin is not prepared to withstand sudden stretching, which causes stretch marks. Weight loss also has an impact on the appearance of these marks.
  • Adolescence. Hormonal changes also influence stretch marks, which is why they often appear during adolescence, a time when hormonal changes are intense.

How to remove white stretch marks?

Getting rid of white stretch marks 100% is a very complicated task. Like any wound, it is easier to heal when it has just occurred. Therefore, the best weapon to reduce white stretch marks without resorting to surgery is prevention. 

So, if you are going through a process in your life in which your skin can develop these marks, prepare it properly through these habits:

  • Use daily body care products that provide hydration and elasticity to your skin, such as anti-stretch marks creams. When applying them, perform light massages to favor the absorption of the hydric and plastic elements, and make sure that the skin is completely clean before applying the cream.
  • Avoid miracle diets that make you lose weight abruptly. Apart from their counterproductive rebound effect, they can cause the appearance of the dreaded stretch marks, as the weight loss also affects the skin's collagen. If you are trying to lose weight, do it gradually and take good care of your skin at the same time.
  • Exercise to activate blood circulation and improve skin elasticity.
  • Maintain a balanced diet and drink enough water. There are no miracle foods for this problem, but nutrition and hydration are essential to provide your skin with the necessary nutrients and vitamins that will make it look healthy.

Live a healthy lifestyle and intensify skincare if you are interested in how to remove white stretch marks, but keep in mind that removing them completely is very complicated. 

Hydration, fiber-rich foods, vitamins, and regular exercise are the best allies for reducing stretch marks as well as proper skin care and massage. 

Improving blood circulation helps promote healthy and glowing skin and prevents fat formation. 

If you're not achieving the desired results after changing your diet and hydrating properly, ask for help from a professional skin care center and undergo laser treatment or microdermabrasion (removing a thin skin layer). 

Hyaluronic acid treatments and cosmetics also help reduce stretch marks. 

Finally, remember that the marks on our skin tell the story of our life, so it is important to learn to love yourself for who you are and who you have been.

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