Facial Acupuncture: What Is It and What Are Its Benefits?

Facial Acupuncture: What Is It and What Are Its Benefits?

One of the most popular medicinal therapies comes from traditional Chinese medicine. It is acupuncture, the millenary technique that contributes to health through the insertion of specially designed needles in certain parts of the skin.

Although we usually hear about acupuncture when someone has back or neck-related problems, this magnificent technique is actually much more than a pain reliever, and it's also used for cosmetic purposes on the face. 

It might seem unusual and painful, but today we witness dozens of facial treatments that involve needles, and they were probably all inspired by the mother of all techniques, acupuncture. 

Acupuncture facelift

Acupuncture has been perfected over millennia and can be used on the entire body, the face being no exception. The benefits of this technique from China are diverse and also reach the aesthetic field. As the face is the aesthetic center of human appearance, it is natural that interest in facial acupuncture arises.

Acupuncture on the face may cause initial rejection, but more and more people are trying this method. Their positive experience is the best advertisement and that is why more and more acupuncture centers and beauty salons are offering this technique. 

However, the first thing to know is that the needles used in facial acupuncture are not the same as those used on the rest of the body. They are a type of needle specially designed for the delicate skin of the face, much thinner and smaller.

How does facial acupuncture work?

These needles, when inserted, stimulate the various dermal layers, generating greater blood circulation, and improving the oxygenation and nutrition of our cells. 

The effects of the needles are not visible (they leave no signs), but they generate a response from the body in defense against the microscopic lacerations caused.

Products to enhance the effects of facial acupuncture

As it has already been pointed out, the smartest thing to do is to combine the advantages of natural therapies with advances in cosmetics and science. 

Knowing the mechanism by which acupuncture on the face improves our appearance and combats the signs of facial aging, we can decide which products are ideal for optimizing our facial acupuncture sessions.

Collagen to reinforce facial acupuncture

When the skin is trying to heal the imperceptible micro-aggressions caused by facial acupuncture needles, reinforcing its work by providing collagen is an excellent idea. 

Collagen-boosted anti-wrinkle products can deliver pure collagen to the skin, enhancing the healing induced by facial acupuncture. These creams are designed to correct the effects of collagen loss in the skin and provide improved smoothness.

Hyaluronic acid: the ally of hydration

In addition to collagen, other compounds make a difference in the health of our face. One of the most popular, thanks to its benefits for all skin types, is hyaluronic acid. 

This active ingredient is key to the hydration of the skin. Its application can have immediate effects if you rely on the top-quality products on the market, such as moisturizing serums with hyaluronic acid. These types of cosmetics are leading products for their effectiveness in illuminating, plumping, strengthening, and moisturizing the skin.

Results are always better when the skin is provided with a combination of the compounds that are most beneficial to it. For this reason, combining hyaluronic acid and collagen in our daily care is ideal for facial acupuncture to achieve the desired lifting effect.

Anti-spot serum: Reinforces the effects of acupuncture on the face

To complete the triplet of high-quality cosmetics that contribute to enhancing the effects of facial acupuncture, you can also add pigmentation serums designed to even out skin tone by eliminating dark marks on the face.

This way, you will surely enhance the benefits of facial acupuncture. The successful combination of the best cosmetic technology together with natural therapies, and traditional medicine techniques allows one to obtain the best of both worlds. All are focused on giving our faces a more luminous, relaxed, younger, and dynamic appearance.

Final Word

Acupuncture is a traditional Chinese healing technique involving sticking needles in your skin for curative purposes. 

Although it looks uncomfortable, acupuncture is not painful at all, and it can be super beneficial for relieving chronic back and neck pain. 

Besides its therapeutic properties on the body, one part of acupuncture is also working as an aesthetic branch, offering face-lifting treatments, but using tiny needles designed for the delicate skin on our faces. 

To enhance the results of facial acupuncture, it's always best to combine the treatment with top-notch cosmetics, such as collagen-infused creams, hyaluronic acid serums, and anti-spot serums that will boost the extraordinary effects of the facial acupuncture treatment. 

Facial acupuncture provides a radiant and youthful skin appearance, promotes natural collagen production, and eliminates marks and impurities for good.

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