7 Tips for Long-Lasting Hair Removal

7 Tips for Long-Lasting Hair Removal

Are you tired of waxing week in and week out? Depending on each person's body, body hair growth can be faster or slower. 

Although it is a natural and inherent issue for each of us, the truth is that there are some "tricks" that can help you slow down hair growth and, thus, make your skin look cleaner and smoother for longer.

We want to share the 7 best tricks to make hair removal last longer. They are simple tips to carry out and get your body free of hair for longer. Want to know more? Keep reading! 

How to make hair removal last longer? 

The first thing you should know is that to make hair removal last longer, you should avoid methods such as razors or depilatory creams. 

Why? Because both techniques only shave the hair and don't weaken or remove it from the body. Therefore, after just a short amount of time, it will grow back and, worst of all, it will appear harder and cause itching when it comes in contact with other skin. 

To avoid this uncomfortable situation, nothing better than opting for waxing or, of course, laser hair removal which, in fact, is the best alternative if you opt for a long-lasting hair removal method. Here are some tips to make hair removal last longer that you can start introducing into your personal care habits.

Exfoliate your skin beforehand

To achieve deep and perfect hair removal, you should prepare your skin by exfoliating. 

This means being free of impurities, dead skin cells, and dirt. By exfoliating the area you want to epilate you will fully prepare the skin for complete hair removal. With exfoliation, you can eliminate the dirt accumulated in the pores and reduce the presence of dead cells. 

Clean the skin after waxing

Another trick to make epilation last longer is to cleanse the skin and promote pore closure right after you finish epilating. How do you do that? Easy: apply cold water to the area you have epilated and cleanse well with pH-neutral soap. With this simple trick, you will close the pores and, therefore, the skin will heal faster. 

Depilate at night

Now let's discover another of the best-kept secrets so that you can extend your body waxing. The time when you choose to do hair removal is crucial for the final results. The first thing you should keep in mind is that it is recommended that you wax your body when all the hair has grown completely, so you can remove it at the same time and get the area cleaner. 

But, it is also advisable to epilate at night because the legs are more swollen during the day; if you do it at night, you will get better results and a much smoother effect.

Epilate in the opposite direction to the hair

Although this is an obvious thing, we must emphasize it to make it clear. For the hair removal to be correct and to achieve long-lasting results, we must pull out the hair from the root or shave it, always following the opposite direction of hair growth. With this simple technique, the hair will take longer to grow back.

Apply rosehip oil or lotion

Now let's talk about an efficient home remedy that will help your hair removal last longer. Rosehip is a natural skin-soother that will moisturize the pores, prevent irritation, and help the hair removal results last longer. To do so, simply apply this oil to the area you have treated and let the lotion soak into the skin.

Products for thinning out hair

And finally, another trick to make hair removal last longer is to get one of the hair thinning products available in pharmacies that also delay natural hair growth. There are two main formats: thinning ampoules or creams. For it to take effect, it is essential that you use it regularly and that you apply it after depilation. 

The ultimate trick: laser hair removal

If you want your hair removal to last longer, there is nothing better than trying the ultimate method: laser hair removal. This is a highly effective treatment that will help you say goodbye to body hair in a semi-permanent way: the diode laser.

It is one of the most recommended methods for providing visible and lasting results over time. The laser destroys the hair follicle thanks to the high-power unidirectional light system. In about 5 to 8 sessions you will be able to remove almost 90% of the hair on your body, a real blast!

Final Word

Long-lasting hair removal can be trickier than you think, so you must consider the various factors such as exfoliation, cleansing, removing hair at night, soothing the skin with rosehip oil, and depilating in the opposite direction of the hair. 

If you've already tried all these methods and don't find them helpful, laser hair removal is the ultimate long-lasting method to try.

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