Why Do Skin Tags Appear in the Armpits?

Why Do Skin Tags Appear in the Armpits?

A concern in some people, especially as they get older, is the appearance of skin tags in the armpits, especially because it is not usually an innate condition or at an early age. 

In general, the outbreak of these types of imperfections usually begins more frequently after the age of 30, and although their appearance is not pleasant, their growth is not malignant or contagious, and their treatment is usually very simple.

First of all, it is important to point out that these small lumps, also common in the neck area, are not warts as such, but are more appropriately called soft fibroids. The appearance of these nodules may be due to different reasons, generally associated with hormonal changes or alterations. 

Although it certainly does not represent a health risk, it does come to be an aesthetic problem, and therefore many affected choose to seek options to remove these armpit skin tags.

Of course, it is valuable to know how skin tags appear in the armpits and their causes to know what recommendations to follow to prevent their appearance and provide the skin with adequate care.

Causes of skin tags in the armpits

As already mentioned, skin tags that usually appear in the armpits and very commonly also in the neck area, owe their origin to an endocrine change in hormones or, in simpler words, to a hormonal alteration. 

In this sense, there are different reasons associated with this change, and although the condition has a higher incidence in men, women also have particular risk factors.

A frequent reason linked to the appearance of armpit skin tags has to do with insulin resistance, although it should be noted that the appearance of soft fibroids is not necessarily a sign of a diabetic condition. 

Their outbreak is usually numerous in the form of filiform warts or acrochordons and is also common in the posterior neck region.

On the other hand, sudden weight changes, especially when it comes to weight gain, can generate a hormonal imbalance that, consequently, causes the appearance of these small imperfections. Even in different areas of the body, especially in skin folds.

Excessive sweating, whose origin is essentially genetic, and a prolonged intake of corticosteroids for the treatment of various pathologies are also associated causative agents to the outbreak of skin tags in the armpits. They are particularly difficult to control given the condition of the affected person.

In the case of women, factors such as pregnancy or menopause are also added. This is because they trigger various changes in hormone production with effects that are often very visible on the body and skin, soft fibroids being one of them.

Of course, there are also other reasons, although they are not the most common, ranging from rubbing against clothing to poor wound healing due to shaving. Generally, it manifests itself uniquely as a pendulous fibroma or molluscum.

Treatments for removing skin tags from the armpits

If you are looking to remove warts from armpits, you should know that the most effective treatments all go hand in hand with the intervention of a specialist. These use methods of direct destruction of the fibroid that are usually very safe when applied in an office.

The appearance of soft fibroids in the armpit and neck areas is not caused by a virus. Therefore, they should not be removed with anti-wart lotions, caustics, or other types of irritating products that are popularly used to treat actual warts.

There are four methods designed to remove armpit skin tags quickly and effectively:

  • Surgery: this consists of removing the imperfection flush with the skin with a scalpel or surgical scissors, which depending on the size of each fibroid may or may not require suturing.
  • Electrocoagulation: in this method electric current is used to burn the superficial layers of the skin and remove the imperfections preventing bleeding.
  • Cryotherapy: this alternative is the opposite of the previous one since it consists of liquid freezing of the lesion so that it detaches on its own.
  • Laser: this is one of the most common options, especially because of its effectiveness, because the high-intensity light causes the coagulation of the blood vessels without damaging the surrounding tissue.

In any case, the professional in charge of applying the method must check each lesion before the intervention. Any attempt to remove skin tags in the armpits at home or without medical approval can lead to infections, bleeding, and even scarring problems.

Tips for prevention and skin care

Of course, the best option will always be prevention, so the triggers for the appearance of these skin tags in the armpits and neck should be taken into account to look for options to promote skin care. Thus, it is essential to establish healthy routines, mainly related to diet and physical activity, to reduce the risk of hormonal imbalance.

Also, use skin care products that stimulate the balance of natural components of the tissue and keep it free of impurities. 

Final Word

Armpit skin tags are actually soft fibroids with no malign properties. 

They show up for multiple reasons, including aging, hormonal imbalance, sudden weight change, poor diet, genetics, improper skin care, and excess sweating, among others. 

There are various treatments to remove these unpleasant fibroids and they usually don't reappear as they aren't caused by viruses.

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