Facial Exfoliation at Home: How to Do It?

Facial Exfoliation at Home: How to Do It?

Discover how to do a facial exfoliation at home, what steps to follow and what products you need to make your face glow!

Face care, besides being necessary, is also one of the most meticulous of the whole body. Nowadays, there is a wide variety of options that can be adjusted to the most specific needs of each person. 

One of these actions is facial exfoliation, a technique that has proven to have more than efficient results in correcting skin imperfections and is, therefore, gaining popularity.

Facial exfoliation is a method developed on an outpatient basis that involves the application of different types of substances on the skin to promote its cellular restructuring and give it a more rejuvenated appearance.

Whether for reasons of comfort or economy, as well as for its extension and recognized effectiveness, it is common that more and more people want to perform this procedure at home. 

But how do you do it, and what products are needed? It is fundamental to explore the steps to follow for its correct application, as well as a series of useful tips to guarantee the best results.

How to do a facial exfoliation at home?

The function of facial peeling is to renew the different layers of the skin, so that the skin tissue adopts uniformity in its consistency and tone, in addition to a much more hydrated and revitalized appearance. 

For this, one or more substances are used, according to the skin type of each person and the degree of imperfections it has.

Although this procedure suggests the intervention of a specialist or, at least, a beauty center professional, the reality is that it is possible to make a facial exfoliation at home, following super simple steps and using accessible products.

Here's what you need to do,

  • Clean the face: before any cosmetic treatment, it is essential to have the face free of any impurities or dirt. To do this, you should wash your face with plenty of water and the specialized products you usually use for this task. It is crucial to leave the skin wet once it has been rinsed.
  • Apply the ingredients: with the face still damp, you should apply the different products chosen and designed for their treatment. The correct way to do it is with small and soft circular massages along the surface of the face, being careful not to touch the most sensitive parts, such as the lips, nostrils, and eyes.
  • Rinse with water: after leaving the products to act for a few minutes, remove them with plenty of water, without leaving any trace of the ingredients used, and avoid unwanted effects due to prolonged exposure.

With these simple indications, you can do a facial peeling at home and include it in your facial skincare routine at least once a week. 

It is unnecessary to pay for high-cost treatment or travel to specialized centers to obtain noticeable results and reduce imperfections.

Products to use

One of the great unknowns of people interested in following a facial exfoliation routine at home is how to choose the products to apply to their face. 

Depending on the economic possibilities and the depth of damage to the skin, there are different alternatives with simple procedures to follow.

There are two product options for a home facial exfoliation; 

  • natural products and 
  • professional products.  

Natural products: in this case, it is necessary to combine several ingredients to increase the level of activity of the treatment on the skin. Dairy products such as milk or yogurt, citrus fruits such as lemon or orange, as well as infusions and essential oils, as a whole, are capable of providing multiple properties for the revitalization of the skin tissue. It is the most economical option and can be used if the imperfections are superficial.

Professional products: advances in cosmetics in the industry have favored the development of specialized formulas to perform treatments such as facial exfoliation correctly at home. There are two subgroups of products that have essential components to suit all needs and together provide more effective results:

AHA acids include lactic acid, glycolic acid, and citric acid and are extracted mainly from natural ingredients in appropriate concentrations. A good example is Vichy's Peeling Brightening Mask.

BHA acids include active ingredients such as salicylic acid, essential for facial exfoliation treatment. Their action contributes to controlling the production of skin cells, and they are also very effective antibacterial and anti-inflammatory agents.

Final Word

The face is, by nature, the "letter of introduction" that every person has. Its care is fundamental, not only for aesthetic reasons but also because it influences overall health. 

The skin in this area is extremely sensitive and delicate, mainly due to its exposure to different external conditions and, in addition, it easily reflects different metabolic, hormonal, and even psychological problems of the organism itself. 

Consequently, regarding the treatment, it is advisable to be constant in the routine and to lead a healthy lifestyle.

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